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Spell Check

Pro only

We provide spell checking via the Open Source version of LanguageTool. Language Tool runs isolated from other processes in separate container. The application reaches LanguageTool via REST-API.

Add Words to Dictionary

Users can add words to the LanguageTool dictionary.

Add to dictionary

Add to dictionary

This updates the dictionary for all users by default. You can configure your installation to add words to a per-user dictionary.
Per-user dictionaries are not shared between users. When one user adds an unknown word to his dictionary, it will still be unknown for other users. This is even when they are working on the same project and the same finding.

This is an installation-wide setting. It cannot be configured per user or project.

PS: You can also configure the spell check rules.

Cloud · Please contact us and we will reconfigure your installation.

Self-Hosted · Set the SPELLCHECK_DICTIONARY_PER_USER in your app.env to true.