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The project plugin lets you interact with your SysReptor projects.

Render Reports

reptor project --render  # Render report to PDF and download
reptor project --render -o file.pdf  # Save to file.pdf
reptor project --render -o -  # Write to stdout
reptor project --render --upload  # Upload to notes
reptor project --render --design 0222cdf1-4208-491c-8a23-7d49d67707ff  # Render with alternative design

You can add the design ID of your alternative design to your ~/.sysreptor/config.yaml:

  design: 0222cdf1-4208-491c-8a23-7d49d67707ff

Export Reports

Export reports
reptor project --export tar.gz  # Export your report to tar.gz
reptor project --export tar.gz -o -  # Export your report to tar.gz, write to stdout
reptor project --export json
reptor project --export toml -o -  # Write report as toml to stdout
reptor project --export yaml --upload  # Export report as yaml and upload to notes


usage: reptor project [-h]
                      [--search SEARCHTERM | --export {tar.gz,json,toml,yaml} | --render | --duplicate]
                      [-o FILENAME] [--design DESIGN ID] [--upload] [--json]

Work with projects

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --search SEARCHTERM   Search for term
  --export {tar.gz,json,toml,yaml}
                        Export project
  --render              Render project
  --duplicate           Duplicate project
  -o FILENAME, --output FILENAME
                        Filename for output
  --design DESIGN ID    Render project with alternative design
  --upload              Used with --export or --render; uploads file to note
  --json                Used with --search; output as json